LIVE Channeling is the door to change, getting back in touch with a subtler dimension, from which we all come, means finding ourselves and understanding what is the mission we have in this life. The Masters who send us messages are Higher Entities who see existence in much broader terms than just the human and earthly vision and can serve us as a guide.

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Marco Milone

Best selling meditation CD composer. Pranic Healing Facilitator, participates in his first “21 Day Process” in 2005, in India at Oneness University, in his second “21 Day Process” in Himalaya. Naturally, he has been living in a permanent Pranic State for years, sharing many higher teachings with everyone. Marco Milone was born in 1968, he is one of the first (1990) Italian Reiki Masters. Creator of the seventh dimensional Quantum Technology "Quantum Sacred Hologram" (QSH). Initiated in Vipassana Meditation by the Consul General of India OM Prakas Pandeji, free spirit, loves India, the sunrise, the voices of the Sadhus reciting their prayers, the Sacred Silence of the Vasishtha cave, at the source of the Ganges. For years he followed Father Antony Elenjimittam, a direct disciple of Mahatma Gandhi. Initiated in Shaktipat and Kriya Yoga by the Himalayan Guru Yogiraj Satgurunath Siddhanath, from August 2005 he became Diksha Giver and Trainer of Onenes University India.


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